Seminars at the Sudbury Business Expo 2018

The Sudbury Business Expo is pleased to announce the first two of the speakers at this year's seminars.

Todd, Spaghetti Agency

"Lights, Camera, Traction!" What you should do before, during and after your social media videos & why talking to yourself isn't so scary"

Todd will be speaking at AFC Sudbury from 4:30pm. Click HERE to attend his seminar

Graham Todd (known as Todd) is a passionate and engaging public speaker and social media trainer. One half of Spaghetti Agency, Todd runs, manages and trains business to use social media to great effect.
Todd isn’t shy about showing his energy and excitement for his business and for social media. This comes across whenever he gives a talk or runs a seminar or workshop. Todd engages and involves people with his energetic personality, explaining everything in plain English and taking Q&As in his stride.
Todd says: “Through blogs, tweets and Facebook updates I found a new partner, crafted a new life and created a new business; an online marketing agency I love.
As a fun but knowledgeable speaker, I’ve trained businesses across the UK to use social media effectively. I speak, train, read about and manage social media and digital marketing from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep. I’m a non-conformist and help businesses to avoid selling, and start being more human.

He will be talking about the growing importance of live video in social media in his seminar called:

“Light, Camera, Traction!”

What you should do before, during and after your social media videos and why talking to yourself isn’t so scary. Video is the biggest marketing opportunity most won’t make the most of. Don’t let that be you!  


 Mandie Holgate, Business Coach, Speaker and Author

"5 top tips to deal with fears that impact on success" 

Mandie will be speaking at 5:30pm - Click HERE to attend this seminar

We all have fears that impact on success in this interactive motivational session Mandie will be sharing top tips to help you overcome your fears. Hate picking up the phone? Worry about what people are thinking? Set yourself tiny goals so you feel like you are getting somewhere? Hate public speaking? Rubbish at saying No? All of these and more impact on your ability to increase sales, confidence and success

Voted as Inspirational Woman of the year by a national UK Magazine, Mandie has been in the media for many years speaking about issues that impact on success. As one of the UK’s youngest Bodyshop Managers in the automotive industry, Mandie has over 20 years business experience and knowledge to enable business growth. Mandie is a well-respected business coach, trainer and speaker enabling anyone looking to succeed, an interactive session that will really make her audiences think. A personal belief that you can achieve anything you truly want to enables

Mandie despite 3 auto immune diseases and Fibromyalgia to run 2 successful businesses that concentrate on increasing sales, confidence & success. Her latest book has been WH Smith’s book of the month and has received endorsements from international speakers, TV presenters & authors. Described as a game changer, Mandie can make lasting change happen fast, in a thought provoking way.


Jacky Ling, Business Growth Landscaper

"Selling made Simple for Small Businesses" 

Jacky will be speaking at 6:30pm - To attend this seminar click HERE

Jacky Ling is a business development professional with 30 years’ experience in a variety of roles, businesses and market sectors in the UK. She cut her teeth in the family business many years ago calling pubs, restaurants, shops and tourists attractions for their chilled and frozen food orders, up selling and cross selling from the wide product range.

Since then she has worked in telesales, account management and sales management roles in Finance, Advertising and Online businesses to name a few.

For the last 10+ years her background has been predominately in the Management Consulting and Professional Training & Coaching Industries and has a particular passion for the science behind how we learn. She is a certificated Performance Coach and is on a mission to use her experience to help home based small and new business owners with selling their product or service in the most effective way for them and their business.

Jacky has worked with a wide variety of home-based, small and new business owners including, solicitors, accountants, personal trainers, coaches, marketers, social media, PR, photographers, publishers, networking business owners and image consultants to name a few.